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What are your rights in the United States?

Our practice reflects the constitutional moral and ethical standards on which our country was founded.
As an individual residing in the United States, whether legally or illegally, you maintain legal rights and protections that are fundamental to the very fabric of our legal system.
One of the elemental principles of the American legal system is that all citizens and non-citizens have the right to equality as prescribed by the constitution. The most vulnerable group of people in the U.S. are those who do not hold legal status, as they are subject to violations of basic human rights as well as violations of both international and national laws. In our office, we seek to educate you about these rights and provide you with the legal protection that you need to ensure that these rights are not abused by individuals or government.
Some of the rights that we seek to protect are the ability to obtain citizenship and the opportunity of mobility and integration into the social fabric of our nation within the boundaries of the law. Immigrants have the right to fair visa and immigration proceedings as well as the right to challenge decisions reached by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Additionally, immigrants who face deportation, removal, and detention actions also have the right to defend themselves against accusations of procedural or legal violations. Our firm has worked on numerous cases in which we were able to effectively exercise the rights of our clients.
We can represent you in all of your immigration needs in New York, New Jersey, and all other states. Regardless of your location, if your case relates to U.S. Immigration matters, we can help you.

Visa Application Assistance? The procedure can be complex, frustrating, and lengthy; we have the tools and experience to help you apply successfully.

We have concentrated our practice in the areas of immigration law, visa applications, and citizenship. We provide solutions for individuals, institutions, academic and corporate clients both nationally and internationally. Whether you are located in Dubai or in India, if you have an objective relating to United States Immigration Law, we will provide you with the utmost of effective solutions and strategies.
We strive to create and maintain a close relationship with our clients. We do this by ensuring continuous communication through advanced technology and by the simple practice of setting aside sufficient time to talk to our clients.

Our practice focuses on:

• Complex Deportation Cases
• Arrest and Detention by Immigration Enforcement
• Marriage-Based Green Cards and Fiancé Visas
• Naturalization and Citizenship
• Bond Proceedings
• E1 and E2 Treaty Trader and Investor Visas
• DREAM Status and Employment Authorization
• Solving Immigration Issues
• Deportation
• Asylum
• EB-1 Extraordinary Ability
• EB-2 National Interest Waiver (NIW)
• EB-5 Investor Green Card
• Temporary Work Visas
• L-1 Temporary Work Visas for Executives and Employees of Multinational Companies
• Treaty National (TN) Temporary Work Visas
• H-1B Temporary Work Visas for Specialty Workers


Free Case Evaluation

At the Law Firm of Hamdan Qudah, PC, we pride ourselves in attaining the best results for our clients and building close working relationships with each client individually. In our office, you are not treated like a mere file number. We create a success strategy for each individual case, taking into consideration the unique aspects of each situation. The law does not blanket over every situation uniformly; the facts of every case need specific analysis that requires knowledge in the field of Immigration Law and experience in applying these laws to the facts that are presented in each situation.

We strive to use the entirety of our legal team’s collective experiences, legal knowledge, and sincere support to alleviate the frustrations, worries, and concerns of the clients we represent. We value each and every client we serve, understanding the financial as well as personal aspects of each individual circumstance. We provide a free case evaluation in order to facilitate free access to understanding the law and to afford our clients the opportunity to make a knowledgeable decision without the pressures of commitment.

That being said, rest assured that you will be provided with insightful information about your unique immigration issue in the process of the free case evaluation. Your available options will be discussed in confidentiality, no third party would be provided with any details or information you relate to our office. There is no case too complex for our firm, and if there is a solution for your situation, we will strive to reach it.

We are very client-focused, lead in success strategy implementation, and never waiver in honesty. We will never compromise our core values, but we will also be honest if there are no viable solutions available for your case. There are many other attorneys who may wish to handle your case, and although most of these attorneys are competent and honest law practitioners, choosing the right lawyer to handle your case is one of the most important aspects in your immigration process.